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      Jan's passion for art started as a very young child.   She inherited her grandmother's love of art, and cherished the time spent with her learning techniques using charcoal, chalk, and paints.    Growing up on the family farm, instilled a sense of re-purposing and re-using materials.  This notion has been an integral part of Jan's vision and art.   Much of her  work reflects that today.  Some of her early pieces included preserving family heirlooms such as antique watches, cufflinks, and foreign coins and transforming them into bracelets - or wearable art as we like to call it.

      Jan earned her degree from Berry College in Mt. Berry, Georgia.  But it is much more accurate to say she was born an artist.

      Jan started her business in 1988 in Springfield, Illinois.   Inspired by her grandmother, she was proud to use her inherited art supplies - including her kiln - to make her first copper earrings - and so her story in retail began.

      Jan's innovation in jewelry design and expertise in the market has lead to an exciting 30 years in business.   The stores success stems from Jan's uncanny attention to detail in both her merchandise and her customers experience.
      Jan is always creating and continuing to learn new  techniques, which enables her to meet the needs of her customers.
      She is often heard saying - "I'm still learning."